Switch boards production

We offer complete production of industrial switch boards based on project specifications and the wishes/needs of the client. The possibility of further technological advancements and their subsequent  upgradings are also considered. Coupled with this we secure the instalment, control and initiation of all systems.

We provide guaranty a maintenance work on all switch boards produced.

Thanks to our direct ties to the individual component manufacturers, we are able to provide individual solutions to each customer. Be it plastic switch boards, switch-boards with a specific  surface/finish, electro meter switch-boards or regulating/measuring switch-boards etc.
The switch-boards are than fitted with control panels (we design the optimal solution including recommendations for software), circuit breakers, contact-or, relay technology, frequency alternator and other components, all from reputable manufacturers.
Our main partners are Siemens, Schneider Electric, Rittal, Weidmüeller, Eaton, Danfoss, Festo, SAW and others.

Thanks to the modern constructions of our circuit boards their maintenance is more or less unnecessary. All temperature shifts caused either by the surrounding environment or those of the machines themselves are carefully considered during the installation faze of the project. Your requirements will be considered in data processing, software and use of material and their manufacturer.

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