Project documentation

The project team at MICROCOMP Plus are able to design electro-installation projects not only for industrial automation. We develop projects for interior heavy and weak current devices (especially intelligent electro-installations) for all fazes/levels of the building process. From choosing suitable zones/areas to planning permission, from project completion to assessment and budget control.

We use  ePLAN, PCschematic, AutoCAD and CADKON for planning and designing all our projects. The software thus ensures a high level of precision from the project manager and allows us to offer the best price for our service.
Our projects are mainly put together from start to finish but we are able to work on individual parts of a project.

All our electro-installation works are done within the the valid framework of current laws.

We offer the following electro-installation and weak current systems. 

  • Electro-installation for industrial technology and automation
  • intelligent electro-installation and home automation- clever houses
  • grounding and protection from thunder
  • electrical signalize for fire warning system EPS
  • loudspeaker fire evacuation warning EVAC
  • security signal system EZS
  • camera and monitoring systems CCTV
  • structured cable net systems LAN
  • speaker communication systems – VOIP, telephone centres, house phones..

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