Measuring and regulation

The basic data information from any optimal automated system in a commercial or production environment is measurement and regulation. Automated technology needs quality measuring and regulating systems to assist in maximising their economic effectiveness, they also ensure reliability and system integration.
Measurement and regulation therefore becomes a necessary aspect for the efficient running of any system when considering the ever increasing prices of electricity.

Air technology, temperature regulators and temperature measuring systems are commonly used technology today. However heat regulation is not the only system providing economic efficiency. There are many aspects of automation which require careful monitoring and regulation (dampness, revolution indicators) and specific measuring systems (measurement of flow and levels).
We will therefore customize each system according to the specific needs of the client.

We offer comprehensive solutions for your commission, from project production, instrument supply through to completion and installation. Software development, initiation of system and post guaranty services are all a given.

Measuring and regulation devices (settings, readers, system controllers, monitoring points) are all supplied by top manufacturers – notably Siemens and Schneider Electric. They guaranty a wide variety of heat applications, air conditioning and ventilation regulators and readers, designed for effective regulation of these applications.

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